Ethical Principles

  1. Purpose

The main purpose in putting Codes of Conduct of Hüma Schools in writing is to improve the ethical culture of our foundation, to help these rules be adopted and applied, to guide those who work on ethical behavior and to determine the desired behavior standards from the employees. ‘Codes of Conduct of Hüma Schools’ are the standards defining what is right, what is wrong and what is acceptable, what is not. Codes of Conduct of Hüma Schools identify the relevant basic administrative principles approved by Hüma Education I.C. (Incorporated Company) Board of Management that regulates the relations between management lines, employees and third parties (Parents, suppliers and all persons and foundations that are in touch with our institution).


  1. Content

These rules embody all administrators, employees and departments of Hüma Schools.


  1. Administrative Responsibilities

Within the scope of Codes of Conduct of Hüma Schools, administrators are responsible for transferring the relevant rules to all employees and masterminding according to these rules. The most vital wealth and priority of Hüma Schools is the human resource it owns. All administrators have ethical liabilities towards their employees.


  • embark on the personal honor and attributed rights of employees as the basic principle,
  • create quality, reliable and healthy work conditions for employees and make them happy and productive,
  • perform their behavior respectfully towards employees and care about their privacy,
  • never harass them psychologically,
  • never discriminate between employees, always follow the principle of justice and fairness,
  • try to make employees participate in decision periods, provide an environment where they can easily express their ideas.


  1. Responsibilities of Employees

All employees working within the body of Hüma Schools

  • follow foundation policies, try to reach the determined targets,
  • protect the name and prestige of the foundation in all cases,
  • take no part in illegal attitudes or behaviors, report all benefit offers, hesitative incorrect/illegal situations or relatives that might make use of their activities and accept no gifts without the permission of administrative chief,
  • display no behaviors or attitudes (aggressive behaviors, menacing talks, disturbing, harrassment, propaganda and demonstration of political and/or religious notions) disrupting the peace, safety and productivity of the working environment,
  • use no cigarettes or tobacco products individually or with friends inside or in front of the building, in the garden or within the neighborhood during the work period, don’t help the users and show no softness about this.

4.1. Protection of Prestige of Hüma Schools

All employees of Hüma Schools are responsible for displaying behaviors that cannot damage the prestige of the foundation.

4.2. Protection of Foundation Estates

All employees working within the body of Hüma Schools must protect the foundation estates and use them effectively only for work purposes.

4.3. Foundation Secrets/Privacy

One of the most important elements of our foundation estates is our fund of information. We display high level of care within the frame of protecting the information in all process within the foundation (projects, filing-archiving, e-mail traffic, meeting talks and reports, desktop documents etc.).

All employees working within the body of Hüma Schools cannot release their information (projects, reports, work research, new application plans, strategic targets, unpublished financial or academic information, parent/student lists, desire and need of parents, parent preferences, guidelines, regulations, procedures, process, information about work habits, methods and plans, all kinds of correspondence, documents and records etc.) as long as they have no legal and vocational obligation and they are authorized to do so, cannot use them for their personal benefits or benefits of people outside the foundation and they provide this information only for those that need to know but no others within the foundation absolutely stating that the information is foundation secret.

Responsibility of our employees to protect this information continues until so-called information is listed within public notification or is no longer commercial or private information.

4.4. Relations with our colleagues

All employees working within the body of Hüma Schools must communicate and cooperate with each other with respect and trust. Either our own employees or our administrators or colleagues, relations between colleagues are those in which each individual follows in commitment.

4.5. Relations with suppliers

We aim to have long term and trustworthy relations with people and foundations that provide products, projects and service for Hüma Schools. Honesty and equality is essential in supplier relations. We never discriminate suppliers in terms of their race, religion and language. We never consider personal relations. We prioritize foundation benefits. We never accept commission, gifts etc. from suppliers.

  • We meet the desire of meeting from parents/suppliers as soon as possible as long as our work/time is suitable. We care this issue to a great extent.
  • We certainly answer phone calls from parents/suppliers. We listen to them, evaluate the issue, transfer the issue to related person/unit when necessary and follow the result.
  • We are careful not to keep our visitors waiting, welcome them perfectly in compliance with culture and hospitality of Hüma Schools right from the start and see them out to the door.

All those actions mentioned above are absolute necessities of our culture of foundation that we represent.

4.6. Relations with parents

Offering the service under standards and conditions we promise to our parents is our basic principle. As Hüma Schools, we always give correct, clear and absolute information to our parents. We adhere to contracts, fulfill our promises and try to satisfy parents.

4.7. Conflict of Interest

We try to stay away from conflicts of interest in Hüma Schools. We do not gain personal interests from people and foundations we work with via our relatives and families making use of our present positions. We do not perform any work activities based on any additional interest apart from Hüma Schools. We avoid using Hüma name, power and identity to gain personal benefits.

In this sense, employees of Hüma Schools

  • avoid causing conflicts of interest or any impressions on behalf of themselves or their relatives and do not take part in decision making periods on issues relating their or their relatives’ benefits.
  • do not submit to pressures that could result against the foundation, do not gain private interests from parents/suppliers and do not cause any benefit transmission between parents/suppliers creating an intermediation relation.
  • use their time and efforts for the foundation, do not undertake any other responsibility to cause conflicts of interest, do not work at any legal or natural entities apart from Hüma Schools, cannot provide private lessons to any of the students at each level and class of Hüma Schools and cannot direct students to legal or natural entities such as private course centers.
  • do not use their knowledge they achieved by their job to acquire illegal earnings.
  • cannot be effective in decisions to reward or promote their spouses or close relatives within the foundation.


4.8. Gifts that could be offered

We pay great attention to our foundation culture and codes of conduct when we award gifts. Accordingly, the following rules have been set about gifts that could be offered.

  • The basic rule on this issue is not to offer any financial or redeemable gifts at any amount. However, in compliance with our traditions and customs, gifts that could be offered suitable to status and position of our employees due to special or general celebrations are out of scope.
  • The value of the given gift cannot be over 250TL. For exceptional situations, approval of the top administrator of the department is needed.
  • So-called gifts should not aim to influence the objectivity, decision or actions of the adverse party about any work, contract or bureaucratic process.


4.9. Gifts that could be accepted

We care for our foundation culture and codes of conduct when we accept gifts. We never desire any personal gifts or payments from third parties working with the foundation and show no related action. As long as we stay in the frame of honesty and good will, accepting gifts can only be possible when the following rules are followed.

  • Our employees never accept financial payments in no way and amount. Easily redeemable tools (gift tokens etc.) are also included.
  • Value of non-financial gifts can be accepted as long as it won’t exceed 250TL. and it won’t be related with any work or contract considering the foundation or they won’t be offered to influence our employees.
  • In case of non-financial gifts or offers over 250TL., the employee is to reject the gift. However, exceptionally, when the offered gift won’t cause any conflicts of interest, written approval of the management might permit the acceptance. Written approvals are taken from the top administrator of the working lot. Approvals of acceptance must be kept by the permitted party.

4.10. Using Social Media

When using social media, we consider protecting both our own prestige and our foundation’s as well. Even though we use our own personal accounts, we realize that we represent Hüma Schools since we work in an education foundation. For that reason, we are responsible to protect the culture of foundation and brand value.

In this sense, employees of Hüma Schools

  • act accordingly to realize that any comments they perform on any social media platform will affect not only themselves but Hüma Schools as well.
  • never share secret information and unconfirmed events, music, videos, writings or visuals with the third parties without written approval.
  • avoid commenting or being a party on issues such as politics, religion, terror and sexuality, do not share any propagandas insulting the institutions and organs of the state or other private foundations and avoid commenting or sharing propagandas about a political matter aiming to be a political side.
  1. Respect in work place and work life

We are always respectful to each other in Hüma Schools. No employee of the foundation behaves to disturb or annoy parents and suppliers and to damage others’ properties.

  • Hüma Schools show respect for private and family lives of employees.
  • The foundation is responsible for creating a safe, healthy and productive working environment.
  • The foundation cares for the protection of personal information of employees.
  • Due to continuous development, employees are provided with necessary training in order for them to reach the desired level of performance.
  • Each individual working for the foundation is accepted equal without discrimination in terms of race, language, belief, age, gender, nationality, invalidity and other categories protected legally. All kinds of actions that are not responded by unwanted, unwelcome and addressee parties are considered as harassment. All kinds of unwelcome and sexual messaging actions that are displayed by the other employee or actions to cause the feeling of threat and compromise are considered as harassment. All kinds of sarcastic and aggressive actions towards the disability of a disabled employee are accepted as harassment for the disabled. In this regard, all employees show necessary care for each other.


  1. Preventing unwanted actions in work place

6.1. Using status power in work place

Abu0sing status power might stem from abusing the individual power of the employee (title, physical, personal, age) or collective power (due to excess in number). Considering the considerable and logical mistakes made by the employee with a suitable and constructive attitude and evaluations performed towards the development of employees within the performance system are situations where status power is not abused.

6.2. Hazing, targeting and victimization

Behaviors, rumors and hazing actions that might create pressure and cause employees to be marginalized must be avoided, no one should be targeted. Among the examples are various systematic and planned actions aiming to disincline persons, lower their performance and cause them to resign. (Example: criticizing private lives, constantly interrupting when speaking in public, scolding in front of others, ignoring their success etc.)

Hüma Schools take all necessary precautions to prevent these kinds of actions and expect all employees to display maximum care for that.

7. Foundation Culture

Policies for sustaining institutive identity and traditions of Hüma Schools are determined by Hüma Education Inc. Board of Management and applications are inspected. Each individual working for Hüma Schools is spiritually responsible for learning and adopting these traditions closely, doing what is necessary and conveying these traditions to new staff arriving after themselves.

8. Our Policy of Quality

In Hüma Schools, quality is regarded as a way of life. All activities are supposed to be carried out in the direction of existing and developing quality systems.

9. Our Legal Responsibility

As Hüma Schools, our basic principle is to obey all laws and rules of law regarding our activities. Our doctrine is to cooperate with official authorities and take correct actions according to related regulations and guidelines about our activities. We have the habit of consulting legal advisors on legal issues.

10. Our Institutive Social Responsibility

Hüma Schools regard contributing to development of social life in art and education among their institutive social responsibilities.

11. Solving Dissonance on Codes of Conduct

Those who violate Hüma codes of conduct and policies and procedures of the foundation will undergo various disciplinary sanctions such as being redundant. So-called disciplinary sanctions will also be necessary for those who approve unsuitable actions and behaviors causing to break rules and those who do not make necessary statements when they know about the situation.

Hüma Schools Board of Discipline and Ethics is responsible for investigating and solving complaints and statements regarding violations of rules of Hüma Codes of Conduct. The structure and functioning of the board is determined by Hüma Schools Discipline and Ethics Guideline.