Our Values


  • We are reliable, we keep our promise, we look out for rights and justice in our decisions.
  • We are understanding, we realize differences and show respect.
  • We have a transparent administration; we believe in superiority of law and obey laws.


National Service

  • We have investments to raise individuals that will enrich the society and future generations.
  • We care about environment, natural and historical beauties and we make efforts for it.
  • We know that education is the future of society and we try to make eligible education available for everyone.



  • We draw our strength from our vision, creativity and optimism.
  • We follow innovations and we certainly actualize decisions of change.
  • We work with determination and we feel proud and happy to beat the odds.


Persistence and Quality

  • We always try to fulfill our commitments everywhere and we sit tight.
  • We realize the importance of invest in a human being; we cherish each other and we believe in collaborative work.
  • We aim at productivity and high quality in our studies and we are attentive to retain our quality and growth.
  • We make no concessions of license, merit and loyalty in human resources.