Founder's Message

Founder's Message


Dr. Mehmet BİREKUL



Born in 1972, Konya.

Graduated from Training Faculty English Teaching Department,

Educational Management Postgraduate, and

Educational Sciences, PhD.


We feel happy to introduce Hüma Schools to the world aiming to raise individuals that will enrich the desired future.

As Hüma Schools, our education system is based on making students adopt using methods and techniques encouraging lifelong learning. We offer new opportunities in education with a professional, consistent and strong management and experienced staff in innovative and modern physical environments designed especially for all our education and training activities during the period in which we raise individuals who desire to make a difference not only in their own society but in the world as well.

It’s very important for us that our students realize their own philosophy of life and create awareness in order to be individuals who know themselves, trust themselves and learn to learn all the time.

As a result of blending our 25-year experience of private education in modern environments, we raise leaders of future with love for service for the world, our country and region in our Pre-school, primary, secondary, Anatolian and Science high schools together with a different perspective in our international vision of teaching and training.

Best and deepest regards to all our parents.